After Campus Sexual Assault: A Guide For Parents addresses how, when, and why students tell their parents about having been sexually assaulted. Giving and getting the news can be messy. Although parents often are stunned by the news, it’s important to provide stability and safety at this vulnerable time.

Based on years of research and scores of quotes from students, mothers, fathers, and campus service providers, this book sheds light on campus culture today, the range of actions that comprise campus sexual assault, and the many impacts on victims and their families. Importantly, this book offers compassionate guidance for navigating the often-tumultuous time that follows an assault.

Although colleges and universities have developed resources for students who have been sexually assaulted, parents are largely left to fend for themselves. Whether through their own sense of stigma, wanting to protect their child’s privacy, or other reasons, parents rarely turn to others for support. This experience can be stressful and isolating. By understanding the impacts of campus sexual assault and learning from others who have been through the trauma and its aftermath, together, parents and their children can develop strategies for healing and growth.

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Guide for parents after campus sexual assault - susan sorenson book

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